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Blood Glucose Monitoring System

MicroGene offers the latest “Dr.Gene AccuSure” Blood Glucose Monitoring System for regular monitoring and screening of Blood Glucose levels.

Dr. Gene AccuSure is MicroGene’s initiative to the society as an effective tool in the fight against diabetes.

Dr. Gene AccuSure is designed to meet the most demanding needs of both the long-term care industry and at-home patients alike. Dr. Gene AccuSure combines the most effective features of other leading brands into one, all inclusive meter.

No-Coding :

Dr. Gene AccuSure boasts Autocode capabilities, requiring absolutely no coding for healthcare professionals and patients. What this means is fewer steps during the testing process, and no risk of false readings because of errors related to incorrect coding. It is effortless to use, while providing safe, accurate, reliable and rapid results every time.

Strip Eject :

Dr. Gene AccuSure has top-loading strip port with strip ejection capabilities, ensuring optimal safety for healthcare providers and convenience. The strip eject function eliminates any blood contamination dangers associated with manually releasing a strip, offering the safest disposal possible.

Small Blood Sample Size:

Dr. Gene AccuSure requires only a miniscule droplet of blood – equalling 0.6 to 0.7 (make it microliters), which is far less than most meters on the market today. Given the tiny blood sample requirement, users can utilize a fine gauge lancet, meaning a virtually painless experience!

Rapid Results :

Dr. Gene AccuSure renders results in just 7 seconds, signifying the most rapid testing procedure possible. With testing this quick and easy, you can expect minimal interference with your daily routine and the ability to get back to doing the things you love to do!

Large Screen Size :

Dr. Gene AccuSure offers users not just one, but two screens – a large main screen rendering results, and a smaller sub-screen detailing the date and time. This ensures that testing results are easy to read on a large display, while the date and time stamps can continually be found on the lower portion of the meter. Dr. Gene AccuSure virtually eliminates confusion that often arises when numerous digits crowd a single screen.

Battery Life :

Dr. Gene AccuSure boasts an astonishing 5000 test battery life, a full 5 times longer than other blood glucometers on the market today. Additionally, the meter uses AAA batteries, making it easier than ever to source and replace batteries.

Memory and Warnings :

Dr. Gene AccuSure stores up to 450 test results with the corresponding date and time, and offers 7, 14, 21, 28, 60 and 90 day averages. The meter also has a special Ketone warning, because we understand that testing for the presence of ketones in your body is a vital part of an effective diabetes management program.

Alternate Site Testing :

Dr. Gene AccuSure offers users the option to test in other areas other than the fingertip (which can be found as sensitive given the abundance of nerve endings), meaning less pain with more options. Testing can be conducted on the palms, forearms, upper arms, calves, thighs and fingertips.

Durability :

Dr. Gene AccuSure presents users with an ergonomically designed body that is easy to grip and made of durable materials. And with its compact size, it can easily be fit in a pocket or purse, allowing you to carry it wherever your active lifestyle takes you!

Control Solution Results Testing :

Dr. Gene AccuSure allows you to store your control solution testing results, allowing healthcare providers to be adept with the recommended control testing process.

LifeTime Warranty :

Dr. Gene AccuSure comes with a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

Don’t let Diabetes slow down your life.

Use “Dr. Gene AccuSure”!!
If Diabetes is under Control, it means Life is Rock ‘n’ Roll!!