Bathroom Weighing Scales

Rates of overweight and obesity around the globe have grown to epidemic proportions over the last 20 years. In 2005, it was estimated that two-thirds of Americans were overweight or obese. The latest data from the NCHS show that 30 percent of U.S. adults of 20 years of age and older—more than 60 million people—are obese. WHO considers obesity to be one of the top 10 causes of preventable death worldwide.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle and food habits have resulted in this startling rise in cases of obesity around the globe. This phenomenon is not limited to any particular genre or age. It is omnipresent and looks extremely difficult to control unless a regular self monitoring is performed to keep one’s weight and calories intake.

MicroGene offers the tools in weight management in form of a variety of Personal Weighing Scales for home use.

The range includes:

weight-measurer RZ

dr.gene copy
Dr. Gene Bathroom Weighing Scale

Designed for personal body weighing

Easy to read .

Division by one kg

Non Slip Platform

Capacity of 125 Kg

Approved by Dept. of weight and measurement

One Year Warranty

weighting-scale copy

dr.gene copy
Dr. Gene Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale

Designed for personal Body weighing

The machine is anti skid texture platform

Easy to read

Ergonomic Design

Division 0.1 kg

Capacity 150 kg

Approved by department of Weight & Measurement

One Year Warranty

weighing scale2

dr.gene copy
Dr. Gene Digital Glass Bathroom Weighing Scale

Digital LCD display

Tamper Proof 6mm Glass.

Capacity of 150 Kgs.

Graduation of 0.1 kg

Non Slip Platform

Sleek design

Tap-on technology

One Year Warranty

Bathroom W Scale 2